Monday, February 25, 2013

Hockey Anyone?

My husband is a huge hockey fan...and the love of hockey has been passed down to my oldest son!  He spends most of his awake time practicing in his bedroom or the driveway.  I spend portions of my day sitting on his bed being the "cheerleader" for him.  His stuffed animals are the other team and of course his "team" (which consists of only him!) always wins!  I decided to create some fun activities that he can use and I can also use with my kinders!  The first is a pack that will help him practice his addition facts.  His Kindergarten teacher indicated that this is an area he could use some extra practice in.  Click the pic to get it!

I also want him to have a solid reading foundation.  So I made a fun sight word game to help him practice all of his words.  He goes to school in a different district than where I teach so his sight words are different than the ones I teach my kinders.  I made a set for both of the curriculums! 
Click here to get the set that goes with Scott Foresman Reading!
Click here to get the set that goes with Houghton Mifflin Reading!

I hope these activities can score a goal with your kiddos too!

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