Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Piggy Bank Freebie!

This week I started a unit on coin recognition and Presidents.  These two just go hand in hand so well.  We discuss a president and learn about the coin that he is on and then spend some time talking about the value of the coin.  My students are still needing some practice with addition and subtraction so I wanted a way to tie in money and using the plus/minus signs.  I made this cute piggy bank to solve the problem!
Students rolled a cube that was labeled with either plus or minus amounts.  They then added or subtracted pennies from their piggy.  The first students to get 20 pennies on their bank was the winner!  The students had a great time and hearing them use the words "plus", "minus" and "cents" was so wonderful!  Here is a pic of one of the groups playing!

You can grab the freebie by clicking on the link below!
Tomorrow we have a snow day! Yippee!  I am hoping to spend some time working on many of the projects I have started for TeachersPayTeachers but just need to put the finishing touches on.  Of course, I will also spend some time cuddling with my boys and drinking hot cocoa! 

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