Thursday, February 21, 2013

Toy Store Math Activities!

I am so excited about these activities I just created!  The graphics are so fun!  Kids all love toys and visiting the toy store, so I am sure they will love learning with these activities!  I plan to use these activities next week (yep, another snow day tomorrow!) to help reinforce the penny that we talked about earlier this week.  My students are still working on subtraction so the "How Much Did It Cost?" activity will be a great help!
Take a look at the activities included:
Such cute graphics! 
 Activity1:Counting the room using ten frames!  Students also get practice writing the cent sign. 
Activity 2: A fun Roll and Cover game using two dice! (Practicing addition!) 

Activity 3: Matching cards by using subtraction!  One card shows how many pennies were spent, another card shows much the toy cost, and the last card had the subtraction sentence.  I can also see using these cards to have my kiddos practice their subtraction stories!

Activity 4: Two worksheets that practice matching number to quanity. 
 Click here to get your activities!

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