Thursday, March 14, 2013

Green! Green! Green!

I have been seeing so much green this week!  I wish it was green money...but instead it is St. Patrick's Day fun!  We have been doing activities from my St. Patrick's Day unit and it has been a blast!  You can find the unit by clicking here!  You can also view my previous post that shows some of what is included in the unit.
Here are some pictures of other things we have been doing.  We made a bulletin board telling why we are lucky!  My students came up with such cute reasons!
I have family.

My mommy got a new dog.

I have a older brother.
We also painted rainbows!  Students then had to find a picture in a magazine of something silly that their leprechaun found at the end of the rainbow.  They placed a leprechaun picture on one side of the rainbow and their magazine picture on the other side.  Students wrote about what their leprechaun found.  They shared their writing with the class and of course everyone thought it was hilarious!
The leprechaun found cereal at the end of the rainbow.

The leprechaun found mashed potatoes at the end of the rainbow.

The leprechaun found a fork at the end of the rainbow.

The leprechaun found a lotion at the end of the rainbow.
Also, if you haven't seen the Leprechaun Song on Youtube by Harry Kindergarten, check it out!  We have been using it this week to review counting!  It has such a catchy tune and I love the way it displays the numbers and the quantity too!

Only one more day until Spring Break!!!  

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