Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let the Blogging Begin!

I am so excited to be entering the blogging world!  I have been a blog stalker for quite a while now and have decided to start blogging about my own journey!  As the mother of two young boys it isn't like I need something else to do.  The laundry piles are endless and the dust is piling up, but I have decided to start blogging about my love of teaching kindergarten. I am eager to start sharing my thoughts and ideas with other kindergarten teachers.  I recently started my own store on and am so excited to share my ideas that way.  I hope that this blog will allow me to share more thoughts and give me a place to reflect on my lessons.  Thanks for joining the journey with me!  Below is the latest freebie I have posted to my store. Check it out!  If you download it please leave positive feedback!   
                                                      Click here:  Sentence Scramble

I hope to add a complete Sentence Scramble Packet in the near future! 

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